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Brooklyn, NY, United States

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Murphey Tyler
Posted over 2 years ago
Are we as a species like a viral infection that will eventually destroy its host...?
Society has never truly changed when it has been slightly altered. We need forward thinking to break the mold... and not forward thinking as an end goal but as a ever evolving process. Teaching children to not see what is in front of them but rather what COULD be in front of them. The way that our world is operating craves attention. All of the problems we face as a planet are rooted in the need for resources and the control of said resources through the monetary system. This results in war, poverty, discrimination, possessive behavior, insatiable greed, etc. There is a project that incorporates technology, societal change, environmental awareness, and a global mindset. The Venus Project is the big picture view of the world's discrepancies placing emphasis on technological ways to alter the seemingly inevitable fate of our species. The open minded of our world have often been drawn to mindsets that promote the idea of interconnectedness within humanity as a whole and furthermore the connectivity between humanity and nature. This project affected my view of the future as a result of those aspects of thinking being upheld throughout the proposed society. Our world needs to begin working together to solve our problems instead of using bombs and threats to keep the top on top and the bottom on the bottom. The same concepts are used in our flawed economy. Eventually, the fighting OF resources (working against mother nature) and the fighting FOR resources (working against each other as humans) will fail or prevail. We will rise up against a previous way of thinking with new ideas and a broad/open mind to the technological possibilities for the future or we will be the reason behind our own extinction. My comment is a combination of my thoughts on the world and the thoughts of Jacque Fresco. To hear his Ted Talk click: