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I believe in the potential of every person's ability to change a life, a community, an organization, and indeed the world. You can learn more about me at my personal web site listed below:

Skype: jeffrey.fadness

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The promise and potential of organizing, quantifying, understanding, and harnessing the power of our Digital DNA and Cloud Genome.

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Infancy of the Digital World Organism and the revolution to come...

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How we as individuals and organizations can develop and leverage our digital organisms to compliment and facilitate our existence.

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Having an idea that can truly change the world.

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Jeffrey Fadness
Posted over 2 years ago
Are we on the brink of creating a human-like digital mind?
Meaning...smarter and wiser than us? "Biological computer created with human DNA ( The transistor revolutionized electronics and computing. Now, researchers have made a biological transistor from DNA that could be used to create living computers. ... The scientists created biological versions of these logic gates, by carefully calibrating the flow of enzymes along the DNA (just like electrons inside a wire). They chose enzymes that would be able to function in bacteria, fungi, plants and animals, so that biological computers might be made with a wide variety of organisms, Bonnet said. ... The researchers have made their biological logic gates available to the public to encourage people to use and improve them." Technology moves at an ever dizzying faster pace...