Isabelle DUSTON

CEO - Founder, iLearn4Free
Lynchburg, VA, United States

About Isabelle


An entrepreneur, I am the CEO and founder of Apps of All Nations, a company developing Apps for the iPod and iPad, but I spend my time and energy developing iLearn4Free, a non-profit organization committed to improving literacy in developing nations through m-learning. A French native, I have an MBA from ESCP-Europe and strongly believe in preserving ethno-diversity.

TED Conference

TEDWomen 2010

Areas of Expertise

Mobile Application Design

An idea worth spreading

In the developing world illiteracy rates are extremely high due to lack of resources and to the fact that children are not being taught in the language they speak. Yet the access to mobile phones is increasing rapidly and m-learning can be cheap and efficient. I plan to bridge the language digital gap between the western and developing world by developing m-learning applications that teach children how to read in their native tongue.

I'm passionate about

Social Entrepreneurship, m-Learning, International Collaboration, innovation, developing nations, literacy, languages


ESCP Europe

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Reducing the digital gap in education between the western world and developing nations, m-learning, social entrepreneur, ethno-diversity.

People don't know I'm good at

building houses (habitat for humanity volunteer), mountain climbing, walking alone in slum

My TED story

I am a TED baby, idea emerge in my head when watching TEDTalks... I was invited to attend TEDwomen, because I won the AOL contest with the idea behind iLearn4Free

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Comments & conversations

Isabelle DUSTON
Posted over 4 years ago
Multi-lingual skills is the best!
I totally agree, being able to speak several languages enables you to communicate but more than any thing to understand other ways of thinking. It forces you to adapt and see the world through different eyes. I live in the US and I love being a foreigner :) I am currently working on trying to help kids learning how to read in their native language through digital media, this is my vision
Isabelle DUSTON
Posted over 4 years ago
Patricia Ryan: Don't insist on English!
I love coming across people, who are on the same wavelength as me, with the non profit I founded iLearn4Free, we are developing mobile application to teach children how to read in their native language. Check out my vision in images: