Anthony Han

Hacienda Heights, CA, United States

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I am American Taiwanese, I write poetry and stories. I hope to finish working on my novel Shadows of God within the year.



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An idea worth spreading

- A sense of unity among the world.
- Improvements to daily life.
- Getting through life as greatly as one wishes.

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Poetry and reaching world peace.
Gaming and art.

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Human Nature.

My TED story

I really enjoy the website. I feel it has a community and attracts visitors that may find interest to some of my life dreams. Pertaining to creating a world like an utopia. I honestly hope to receive support or find people who are willing to help me with it all. To better understand checking out my webpage listed will make clearer of my vision of a world at peace.

Aside from that I really enjoy the concepts of TED and how it is.

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Anthony Han
Posted over 2 years ago
Human rights and philosophy should be taught in school!
I agree that this should be a principle in schools. Ideally I feel it should be prepared as a focus in history classes of middle schools around the ending year. Then in high schools it should be a required credit to graduate. A class available to be taken after a student's first two years in high school. Of course this would be a shocker to some and maybe deemed unacceptable but really it shouldn't be. Growing up here in Southern California it wasn't uncommon to even know about such material. One thought that comes to mind is: why do we hold such a valuable field from the youth when it would probably help the world? The only main problem I can see is who will teach the classes in high school? One would have to be a great teacher of the sorts yet able to hold control of how they teach it all. The class of course would be regulated and a waiver should be signed by the child's parent(s)/guardian(s). There is so much I can go on about this and I wish it were a reality.