Kali Woodward

Executive Director, American Youth Literacy Foundation
Collegeville, PA, United States

About Kali


Imagine if you could do something AMAZING to help someone else. Try to imagine what the face of a child looks like when the "Light Goes On" for the very first time and they finally understand what it means to read, even if they've been struggling for years and fallen behind their classmates. The volunteers of The American Youth Literacy Foundation (dba Youth Lit and YouthLit.org) ARE reversing the Literacy Crisis in America and we ARE going to reverse the Education Crisis by reversing the Literacy Crisis. This is not a quick or easy process but we are the ONLY organization in America combining a transformational and patented "synthetic phonics" reading curriculum with applied "dissipative social structure theory" to fundamentally alter the trajectory of the current state of chaos in our education infrastructure. What that means in English is that we are building a "Benevolent Hurricane" of human energy, human experience, human compassion and human connectivity to bring literacy and opportunity to America's "New New Poor," the 65 million intellectually and educationally impoverished children of the United States who either cannot or can only barely read. Thank you for liking our fan page at www.Facebook.com/YouthLit.org and please connect us to your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other social media. It is very important for us to connect. Connecting is an integral component of our mutual success, so if you want to make a true impact on the Education Crisis in America today, please connect us to someone in your social network!

As the Founder and Executive Director of Youth Lit, I'm currently dedicated to eradicating illiteracy in the United States, reversing our Education Crisis and transforming the landscape of English as a Second Language (ESL) instruction around the world. I have had many lives that brought me to this purpose beginning as an ESL instructor myself in South America when I was just 19 years old, then as an Arabic and Spanish translator for the 101st Airborne Division, then as a law student at UCLA, then as a co-founder and executive at three separate telecom companies, then as an entrepreneur running an after school enrichment program for gifted kids, then as a stay at home dad homeschooling my son, and finally as a reading expert and founder and Director of Youth Lit. In March, 2012 our foundation received a patent on a new phoneme decoding system that makes learning to read significantly easier for schoolchildren. In March, 2012 I e-published (Kindle) my book Touch: For gifted children, ages 12-24: An introduction to a unified theory of connectivity and the fundamental principles of neuroscience, nonlinear mathematics and Zen Buddhist philosophy. Our foundation published Happy Plaid Cats Stack Black Hats (The New ABC's for the 21st Century) in August, 2012. Both books have been in the Top 100 on Amazon Kindle in their respective categories! Touch is fundamentally about how to apply principles of cutting edge neuroscience and nonlinear mathematics to solve seemingly intractable personal, socio-political and socio-economic problems. Happy Plaid Cats is an introduction to the sounds of the English language for pre-k students. At Youth Lit we believe that the literacy crisis in America's schools is one of those seemingly unsolvable problems that can actually be reversed within a matter of 15-20 years. Our goal is not simply to raise awareness about the literacy crisis, but rather to reverse it by achieving a series of tangible, obtainable goals. We have a solution and a process that we are currently implementing nationwide. If you are in ANY WAY interested in helping to bring forth a truly literate America in the 21st Century, please connect with me here or at info@YouthLit.org or at www.YouthLit.org or Linked In or Facebook. May peace be with you ~R. Kali Woodward


Arabic, English, German, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Literacy, Neuroscience and applications to changing the brain., Dissipative Social Structure Theory and Nonlinear Mathematics, Zen and Buddhism, Abstract Art (my Own)

An idea worth spreading

Universal Earth English in the near future will exponentially increase tangible opportunities for world peace!

I'm passionate about

Freedom, Love, Zen, Literacy, Education, Underprivileged and Under-Served Students, Gifted and Talented Students, Art (especially children's artwork), Creativity, Human Potential and the Future

Talk to me about

Neuroscience, nonlinear mathematics, Zen Buddhist philosophy, Abstract Art, Education, Love, Literacy, Poverty and Peace and how they're ALL interconnected!

People don't know I'm good at

. . . making up silly songs to entertain my four year old : )

My TED story

I went to TED in Monterey in 2004 where I met Malcolm Gladwell, Imogen Heap, of course, Chris Anderson, Zee Frank, Herbie Hancock, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi and so many amazing and talented TEDizens. I came away from that conference inspired by the vast potential of human energy, human intelligence, human compassion and human determination. TED set the bar for me in terms of what human achievement, human potential and human connectivity can be all about and I have applied that experience in almost everything that I have done since. I attended several other TED salons and TEDx events before joining the TEDx Phoenixville team as a Director in charge of attendee engagement in 2012. The rest of My TED Story is To Be Determined . . .

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