About Adel


I am Adel Alharbi, language teacher. I have got my MA in Applied Linguistic from Australia and looking to continue my studies. I am really interested in several areas such as Applied Linguistic studies, TESOL, language studies, culture, Intercultural communication and history and perhaps geographical studies. My main aim is to foster the globe as wide as it is. I love to travel and see new people and be in a new place of knowledge talk. The ultimate power of me is to observe the world around me and enjoy the beauty of nature. My passionate about language studies encouraged me to unlock the eyes and brain to travel far from ordinary life.

Areas of Expertise

Applied Linguistic, Intercultural Communication, Language Acquisition, Language & Culture studies, TESOL, Travel Learning

I'm passionate about

Language, Culture, people, media, technology, nature, Art, and Travel.

My TED story

Love sharing Knowledge and spreading Ideas. TED has provided what I was looking for long time ago. It is really wonderful man-made power.

Comments & conversations

Adel Alharbi
Posted over 2 years ago
We all need to support learning process.
Hi Lamb, I think we all feel proud of what others have been achieved, but the point is to keep this success going on that's my view. Learning can take very easy way if we encourage & motivate the power of learning in any place.