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Deb Lawley
Posted over 1 year ago
What are the challenges that gifted and creative individuals face at present?
A major challenge to the gifted and creative in the United States is the culture of bullying. Bullies are threatened by these individuals and feel free therefore to threaten, hurt, demean, and undermine them. In school, bullying is looked at as a right of passage. The media encourages this behavior to get ratings. In the workplace coworkers and bosses participate in this behavior because it is rewarded from above. Today's capitalists promote "innovation" rather than "invention" - i.e. tweaking someone else's work, rather than creating anything new, because it is a quick profit rather than long term costly research. Politicians play to the lowest common denominator, dumb themselves down, and are mean-spirited to get elected. So when a gifted, creative individual comes along they don't fit into the crowd and they make those who profit from mediocrity nervous. The sad thing is, that gifted creative individuals who successfully buck this trend, eventually give in and become bullies themselves.