Jamie Joseph

Digital Strategist for Social Good, TEDxAuckland
Auckland Central, New Zealand

About Jamie


Writer / Poet
Digital Strategist
I live to fight the good fight
// riseandflow.net

I'm passionate about

People, social good, music, art, stories and poetry.

My TED story

I first discovered the world of TED last year on the 13th of August 2011, night of the full moon. I had gone on hiatus after seven years of producing music festivals, chasing budgets and making nice with fat cats, and I was burnt to the bone. I found myself living in a village in Indonesia, and finally I had time to breathe slowly and ask the hard questions.

That evening at an internet café I typed into Google the words: killing creativity, and that is when I was introduced to Sir Ken Robinson and his talk, Schools kill creativity. Many months later when discussing the TED talk with a friend, she revealed it was this talk that had in fact inspired her to home school her two beautiful little girls.

I became immersed in so many riveting talks that even one year later I can still feel the TED affect rooted in my attitude towards the status quo.

Full story: http://www.tedxauckland.com/ted-journey-one-year-on/