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i recently graduated from sudan university of science and technology , and work with the National Council for Literacy in sudan as a homeland Service, i graduated as plastic engineer , i had a training in COLDAIR ENGNINEERING COMPANY. LTD Working as Maintenance and Plastic Engineer
i am also a writer , i am a poet, essay , and article writer , and that is my passion since i was 7 years old , when i started writing poems


Arabic, English

Areas of Expertise

COLDAIR ENGNINEERING COMPANY. LTD, National Council for Literacy in sudan

An idea worth spreading

The idea that I want to spread is how to raise the level of knowledge at the reader and make it able to criticism the strength and weakness of literary material provided, whether in the novel or poem or essay or research or any type of writing and documenting.

The average reader tends always choosing one type of books, which making intellectual consciousness limited to the kind of those books and at that level of consciousness, and that accordingly formed differences in the levels of think, and make us find people how has lighting there minds and also find who's still limiting his thoughts

The reader, who did not enlighten his mind can not distinguish between what is good and what is bad for reading, choose anything to read and that will cause emergence of ideas beyond the acceptance of mental, and cause a false beliefs that is affect the way to experience this person

i called my idea "enlighten your mind and choose what is deserve to be read "

I'm passionate about

i am passionate about arts , knowing and exploring the word , about studying mythology ,metaphysics , and philosophy , and my big passion is raise the knowledge state by reading and search to answers

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talk to me about anything make our mind enlighten and raise our intellectual consciousness

People don't know I'm good at

in addition to all my passion and knowledge people don't know that i am a good in clothes designer , and i love to design my own dresses my self ...

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