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Helen Steer
Posted about 1 year ago
How will travel change local places in the future?
What 'local' means is a question I often find myself struggling with as a food activist. For all the amazing benefits globalisation brings, it is also tied up with issues of sustainability, exploitation of farmers (both at home and abroad), and´╗┐ above all, oil. I worry that our food system is not 'local' enough: we are reliant on high input imported food kept artificially low in price by cheap oil, exploited labour and stolen soil. I can only hope that we are moving towards a future where global free and fair trade is celebrated but supporting local growers and suppliers in creating a sustainable circular economy is standard. There is a space for big business in this but they need to think of the long term effects not just short term profits. Token nods to local economies ('local cream' served with air freighted strawberries in January, anyone?) and a half-baked CSR policy won't cut it!