Kristopher Jenkins

Choral Conductor, University of Washington - Student
Seattle, WA, United States

About Kristopher


Educator, conductor, musician, and singer, Kristopher Jenkins has a long standing reputation for excellence in the choral community of the Northwest United States. With only research topics to complete, Jenkins is currently a student of Dr. Geoffrey Boers and Dr. Giselle Wyers and is completing a Masters of Music in Choral Conducting from The University of Washington School of Music in Seattle.

Jenkins currently teaches private vocal study from his home in Seattle. Those seeking private study can find out more by clicking the STUDIO link in the menu above.

Jenkins is the founding artistic director of Common Ground, a community chorus in Boise, Idaho, devoted to positively representing the LGBT community through song and performance. This background, along with his love for music joined by community action, inspired his work with The Seattle Men's Chorus as a vocal coach, consultant and singer.



Areas of Expertise

Choral Music - Director, Choral Music Teaching, Music Production, Composition, Arranging & Programming, Social Media - Digital Activism, Social Activism, LGBT Rights

An idea worth spreading

The relationship of creativity and craft: our culture celebrates anything seemingly creative. It may occasionally and deceptively look like genius - we celebrate individuality and uniqueness to the extreme - so that anyone, regardless of merit, is celebrated. Craft is important though. Craft is the toolbox for creative work. One does not say to the builder, "How wonderful you are. You use the hammer so expertly!" One says instead, "What a beautiful home you have built." And when comparing the gorgeous architectural drawing, the pure beautiful idea to the building that will quickly fall apart, one neither praises the thought or the execution. Creative thought and craft are therefor married. It is through the song that the singer with amazing technique is admired.

I'm passionate about

The Western European Choral Tradition - It's continued strength, relevance, innovation, and powerful cultural and social impact. Discovering ways to uphold and pass on highly artistic possibilities.

Talk to me about

Using social media to change the future of choral music - providing opportunities for artists to share ideas and work. Creating a marketplace for new composition and performance to flourish.

People don't know I'm good at

I'm a great cook and party host.

Favorite talks