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Alexandra Sanchez
Posted over 2 years ago
Which is the best way to improve your English?
My experience in learning english begun in the primary school, when I went to an english academy to learn the language and in the follow years I took two or three hours a week at school. When I really started learning/ applying my english was in the University when I had to read books and articles for my assignments in english. All my life I have been listening to music in english and more recently I watch movies and tv shows in english, so that has developed my skills in understanding the language. But when I traveled to the US and had to take some classes in english and talk to people who doesn't speak my language it was an intensive class, I think I learned in 15 days what I would learned in several years of taking english classes. A couple of weeks ago I knew about Duolingo in a TED talk, this is a site for learning english for free and my daughter is learning through this. I think it is a good resource.