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Thomas Milham
Posted over 1 year ago
What can we do to change education?
Hi, I am Thomas, I am in Year 10. I think education needs to be more flexible and interesting for the students to want to reach their full potential. Students are not going to be able to make a change to their education if all they do is sit in a class room with only one teacher with the experience and expertise of one person. At my school (Birdwood High, Google it!) we have an "Academy"called the "Academy of Innovative Learning". Students in this from year 8 to 10 have multiple teachers to access at anyone time, so if they need help with a particular subject they can go find a teacher that know english, not just any teacher. We also don't go to all traditional classes, so we have a "campus" area I guess you could call it. So we have 3-7 teachers walking around helping, while we sit on couches and in friendship groups... We still have issues that are being sorted out, but the results from the last three years (out of three) have been good. We have had a 97% reduction in Time Out, since AIL started in 2011.And academic scores are up too. We only have 2 year 10 traditional classes left, and all AIL in Years 8 and 9. Students are allowed to express themselves and work on projects that they decide. We ran a Adelaide Fringe venue for the first year and WON Best Venue out of the entire state. Students were involved in almost every facet of that project, including the brewery! (yes, we even have a brewery at school!). My second big project this year is ..running a TEDx event at our school exhibition centre... Did I mention we are a Public Education School? So, education can be change, but there is never any perfect solution.