Aurelie C. Capron

Assistant Professor of Spanish, McKendree University
Saint Louis, MO, United States

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I am a native speaker of French (born and raised in France). I have lived in the USA since 1995 where I conducted all my studies. I received 2 Masters (Second Languages Studies and French) and a Ph.D in Literature (Spanish and French). I am now a full-time professor of Spanish at a private university. I am traveler at heart and a life long learner.


English, French, Spanish

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Aurelie C. Capron
Posted over 1 year ago
Ron Finley: A guerilla gardener in South Central LA
I actually translated your talk into French so I hope a lot of French speakers will watch it. But I am also a college language professor, and I thought that it would be fitted (and fun) to take a small break and show my students your talk before they leave for their Spring Break. Who knows? They might "plant some shit" instead of getting in trouble!