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alx graham
Posted over 3 years ago
Why aren't kids (+ young adults) given more credit?
I've always wondered what other people think about the relationship between a great idea that changes the world if actualized, and the creation of a tremendous symphony, which certainly might make a small group of people feel better, but which, in my opinion, does exceptionally little to make any difference whatsoever in the lives of people in real need. I have to imagine that a very high percentage of ted's members and fans, are significantly interested in taking steps that work against what seems to be perpetual oppression. By that i mean the fact that a considerable percentage of the people in our world, never have any practical chance whatsoever of realizing their dreams, unless they're truly supermen or superwoman who'd flush nietzsche's cheeks. I have long fought for the idea that ART alone is far from sufficient to achieve anything approaching a state of free and equal peace for the human family who together inhabit this magical but staggering planet. I know it seems ignorant to many people, but when comparisons are made between a pianist and a brilliant researcher who gives their life to save millions of lives from some hideous disease, i get more than a little bit uncomfortable. The application of our creative abilities to various and unique pursuits, while entirely within our rights, can vary in what i would consider to be their objective value. Kids seem to choose their dreams in a great proportion of cases, largely as the result of having only been directly exposed to a highly limited set of options. A child inventor, no matter how great, is largely left exposed to a capitalist industry with a voracious appetite for whatever can generate more extra revenue, and from what i can see, unable to share his or her idea with any kind of great international philanthropic organization. In fact, the entire means we possess for generating and protecting the rights of inventors, as i'm sure is discussed otherwhere in TED, is ridiculous if we seek enlightened society
alx graham
Posted almost 4 years ago
Should/Could a maximum wage be introduced; A limit to how high the highest earners can make?
How does one EARN Billions? Once one acquires enough wealth via the ordinary method of working hard, and accumulates enough capital to play the "free" [highly manipulated and unfree] market, they can them almost geometrically develop their wealth, without doing anything except leveraging a man made unnatural store of wealth. If a man starts with ten grand, and makes ten commodities bets, and doubles his money each time, and walks away with 10 million, did he EARN THAT? It is my opinion, that it is only our lack of far better mechanisms via which consumers/cityzens can coalesce and leverage their tremendous collective wealth, that leaves us to rely on the large purely capitalistic BETS of very small numbers of men who've accumulated historical fortunes, who in return for guessing correctly about our otherwise unfulfilled WANTS otherwise, can then walk away with tremendous sums of money. If a man wins the lottery, and hires 100 dirt poor geniuses, then patents 36 fine ideas that they found while working for him, did he EARN that? EARNING is one thing. LEVERAGING what one earns in a twisted system which bends all logic and reason and is largely for ssale, is dissimilar, and far less legitimate, imo.