Guilherme Schmidt

Project Manager, Instituto Stela
Florianopolis, Brazil

About Guilherme


I'm 26 years old, graduated in Business and work as a project manager at Instituto Stela, a research institute with a strong background on IT solutions and knowledge management.

Areas of Expertise

Graphic Design, Product management, Project Management , Marketing

An idea worth spreading

Become a TED translator and you can help spreading the word at the same time you're learning new things and improving your language skils.

I'm passionate about

Learning, reading and sharing knowledge and ideas.

Talk to me about

Technology, innovation, sports, music, business and history.

People don't know I'm good at

Singing and playing the guitar.

My TED story

I believe TED is one of the best sources of inspiration and knowledge today. Among a wave of useless information, TED is like a seed for people to start thinking on new solutions and ways to improve our reality, locally and globally.