Patricia Mulhall

Milford, CT, United States

About Patricia


Teacher, administrator, and provider of PD. Passion for education and keeping up on new educational trends which will improve kids educational experiences!

An idea worth spreading

Teaching is an art; it takes faith in all students ability to learn, understanding when failure occurs, persistence in finding the correct materials, explanations, groups for individual souls to work well with, and a dash of a, "you can do it attitude", even when someone has given up on themselves. Believe it or not, it is long hours (I know that some will say, "What? Summers off!"), constant reworking to meet the needs of students, ripping at the fabric of what worked last year to make a brand new fit, with brand new lessons, for a brand new and important group of individual learners. It is struggle. It is heart-warming. It is frustrating. It is so rewarding! It is a profession where work is not left in the parking lot to be picked up in the morning as we walk back into school--it is a calling. Once a teacher, always a teacher. Some of us may leave buildings behind but we never leave our students, and we never give up providing lessons--it is a way of life.

I'm passionate about

My family, education, reading and vacationing!

Talk to me about

Kids, improving my educational practice, CCSS, DoK, anything teaching, books, reading workshop, student choice, new educational trends, bringing tech into my LA classroom (this is hard for me)!

People don't know I'm good at

I'm funny! (Need I say more? :)

My TED story

Once upon a time...
My TED story is just beginning but I believe in great openings that grab you!