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Ruth Mandelbaum
Posted over 2 years ago
Dog food for humans
I saw mention of Evermore food for dogs in this conversation thread. My daughter, Hanna Mandelbaum, is co-owner of this company. Two years ago in March, she and her business partner did eat the dog food for a month in combination with other dishes made from ingredients that comprise the food. The campaign was labeled "Evermore Me". If you are interested you can check out the live video footage on the company website I must point out that even though this is an incredibly healthy food made from the highest quality ingredients, and would do a body no harm - it has been formulated as a complete diet for dogs, not people. What I do want to point out regarding Spencer's remarks - this would pertain to both people and pets, is that, I am sure that you can find foods meeting your desired criteria, except for the "inexpensive" part. Anything that has quality ingredients that you would want to put in your mouth, you will have to pay more for. I have been paying much more attention to nutritional issues since my daughter has become involved in food production. I have started more careful reading of labels and becoming more aware in regards to ingredients, sourcing , and in the case of animals, how they are raised and slaughtered. I am not one to part easily with a dollar. Quality food may cost more up front, but I am trying to think of this more as an investment to help ensure more positive health outcomes and perhaps even save money in the long term. By the way, I did eat the Evermore along with Hanna and Alison on Day 19 of Evermore Me!