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Beth Gooden
Posted over 2 years ago
Should employers not hire you or fire you when they discover your bad credit history?
I don't think Robert was bothered, but just saying that instead of you allowing the company that you are applying to just assuming that you are a "loser" because of your bad credit, but to go ahead and tell them your situation before they pull your credit history. Let them know what your circumstances WERE and what they are now so they have the big picture and not just assume the worst. I, too, have bad credit and am currently in college working on my bachelor's degree and am worried about the same thing when I go for a job. Others have given me the same advice that Robert is giving you (in maybe a different way). Be proactive and let employers know you are a responsible person that can do the job they are hiring you to do and ask them not to judge you by your credit report. In all likelihood, the person doing to hiring has falled on hard times themselves. Good luck, Mykle!