Gustavo Reis

Teacher, Gustavo Reis Mathematica Et Cetera
Porto Alegre, Brazil

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Since very early, Gustavo Reis got used to witnessing his life facts succeed on the fast track: joined one of the best universities in Brazil when he was 16, became a Math teacher at 18, got a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science at 20, went from intern to senior analyst at a multinational market research company at 24, turned into a senior analyst relations and market research specialist working for a Fortune 500 software company at 26, decided to run his own business at 27.

However, for reasons that only someone who finds his true vocation can understand, Gustavo understood sooner rather than later that, although he had many roles, he never stopped being and, mainly, feeling like he was a teacher. Propelled by this conviction, in 2008, Gustavo founded Mathematica Et Cetera. Gustavo is also in charge of the Math blog at ClicRBS, one of the largest portals in Brazil since 2009. In the same year, Gustavo participated in the first edition of the new "ENEM" (National Middle School Exam) and was approved for the Medical school at UFCSPA, one of the most renowned in the country. In November 2012, Gustavo had the honor to be a speaker at TEDxUnisinos, the only one in Brazil where all talks are focused on the Education subject. In front of approximately 700 people, Gustavo's talk got a standing ovation.

In the few occasions when he is not in class, recording video lessons in studio or connected to the Internet, Gustavo enjoys cooking, traveling and, primarily, scuba diving.


English, Portuguese, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Math Education, Computer Science (BSc.), Strategic Design & Innovation

An idea worth spreading

Innovation in education is the sum of generosity, gratitude and inspiration.

I'm passionate about

Innovation in Education, inspiring teachers and students, inclusive, large-scale and innovative online education initiatives