Antonio Vantaggiato

Professor - Computer Science, Universidad del Sagrado Corazon
San Juan, Puerto Rico

About Antonio


English, Italian, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

eLearning, Web-based Resources for Learning, web-based instruction

An idea worth spreading

Project Zen of Teaching, a research on the myths of teaching, learning & technology, begun while a Scholar-in-Residence at NYU, June 2011 & 2012.

The mythology around the role of technology in society has had a profound impact on education. Language use shows how deeply-rooted beliefs still influence our pedagogy: For instance, while believing that constructivism is a winning pedagogy, we keep talking of 'delivering' classes and lectures, a clear connotation of our true behavioral bias on teaching, while we read in the media that students 'watch' online classes, and 'attend' face-to-face sessions. Such deep beliefs still mold our educational system, and impede the necessary reform that the Web 2.0 and new media revolution have triggered. At the same time, I focus on the revolution brought by the new media and the Web 2.0, and the new pedagogies that are emerging and discuss the best examples of innovative, concrete pr

I'm passionate about

Learning. Intelligence. Web.
Northern Mysteries and Noirs
Kundera's books
Films: Woody Allen, Almodovar, Polanski, Antonioni, Bergman
Goedel, Escher and Bach
Patti Smith

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Education and Learning.
Computing and Lisp.
Science and pseudo-science.

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