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Devon Johnston
Posted over 1 year ago
Is it possible there is a natural balance that must take place in our lives, in our very souls in order for the earth to operate.
Enjoying all your comments. I believe we all agree there is balance. Can man control that balance? Change it for good? For evil? If one man becomes evil, does another become good? Are we the only species who can knock things out of balance through our will. Mother Nature is the keeper of balance. How far will Mother Nature let us go before SHE takes us all out. I don't think man will remove man from earth, I think Mother Nature will. Because we have wrested her power. And caused damage in the process. We don't want her dictating whether we are hot or cold. We don't allow her to decide who lives and who dies. There is some precedence towards believing Mother Nature has had enough of man. Tsunamis, earthquakes, asteroids, floods, droughts, tornadoes,,, It is possible she will end it all and start all over again., as Linda suggested. Wouldn't that be something to see.... Sorry if there are mispellings or bad grammer :) , using cell..