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Tanner Bingham
Posted about 1 year ago
A forum for people to drop their business ideas that others, seeking to start businesses can then develop
I think that is a great idea! My only concern would be how individuals would be capable of protecting their think tank idea once it has progressed to a solid business plan. What is going to stop any reader from taking the efforts of the collaboration and starting their own venture using these ideas? There are a lot of great resources out there for connecting with others and their business ideas. I frequently read several sites and keep an eye out for new technologies and start up ideas. Entrepreneur Magazine is a cool resource but can be simple in regards to some of the valuable content one would like to see associate with start up ideas. A few sites I like to read, that are also top rate start up blogs, include upandrunning.entrepreneur.com, thisisgoingtobebig.com, and askthevcs.com.