Philippe Lemonnier

Leadership Consultant and Executive Coach, Pacific Ventury

About Philippe


A life of human commitment...

As a Lawyer and a Teacher, I realized that human motivation and self-confidence is at the heart of any great change, any project.

Committed in innovative projects such as the TED foundation, and in citizens organisations, I strongly believe in the huge potential of each individuals.

Among a personal life spent traveling and adapting to new cultures, new environment, and a professional career mixing crisis situations, long-term projects, strategy and innovation, I want to provide the best of these experiences to companies, and help their employees to be at their best and develop their productivity.


English, French, Spanish

Areas of Expertise

Commercial law, International Law & Diplomacy, Maritime Law, Teaching, Strategic Management, politic´s analyst, Leadership , Leadership & Mentoring, Leadership Organizational Development

An idea worth spreading

Everybody can change the world, every single person has a great potential that just need to flourish through self-confidence, open-mindedness.

I'm passionate about

Cultures, meeting people, sports, traveling, cinema, music, nature, new ideas, art, innovation

Talk to me about

Human development, inclusiveness, ideas to change the world, innovation

People don't know I'm good at

Understanding people's feeling

My TED story

I discovered TED one day, I was bored in my office and just fell on my chair as I was so amazed b such open ideas, new concepts... Visiting the website I discovered it was possible to host a TEDx event. I filled the form just to see and then one day I received an Email telling me that I had my licence. From this day on, I realized how amazing and big was the challenge but I decided to go over it and do it whatever the means, time and people working with me. Since then, it has been for me a tremendous tool for self-confidence, positive work... I had opportunities to meet wonderful people and finally, for me, the TEDx experience is mostly while organizing than on the D-Day.

Favorite talks