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Posted about 1 year ago
Is there any way to prevent religious debates from turning into a big fight?
Some religions don't like to be questioned. Some religions WANT it to be questioned. So they have difference tolerance limits and propensity to violence. The difference in between religions is crucial when considering the running of debates. That's the macro POV: The debate is influenced by many factors: 1. Religions: Are the religions involved in the debate relatively more violent or peaceful ? 2. People: Are the personalities of those involved peaceful ? (it could be argued that different religions/ideologies encourage different personality traits among their respective followers) 3. The intensity of the debate 4. Hidden stakes/agendas involved. 5. Definition of what a fight: Are you referring to a keyboard war or a physical brawl ? Or even worse a shoot out ? 6. Location: There are legal restrictions on what can be spoken in many islamic countries. So debators might not be legally safe when debating against islam/holy figures in it. My personal experience: I've never had religious fights or witnessed any anger from buddhists when I criticize some aspects of buddhism(so far). When debating christians, a significant amount of Christians ended up saying 'you'd burn in hell' when they lose debates. As an atheist, I can attest that I have witnessed down right insults by atheists against many theists. However, one particular problem I faced when debating with muslims is that they are proficient in showering me with generous death threats. So to prevent fights: 1. Develop peaceful personalities. Develop sporty attitudes toward criticism. 2. Reform Religion to be more tolerant and peaceful. During debates don't get too attached to religion. Try to a neutral POV. 3. Move on to places where debaters have legal protection during debates. 4. Try avoiding/coolin down debate when you sense it geting intense 5. Have code of conducts and strict rules prohibiting personal insults and issuing of 'death threats'. 6. Disclose your stance and agenda before hand