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Jord Matthews
Posted over 1 year ago
I propose the United States implement a national firearms licensure, certification, and training.
Youll have to forgive if i lack certain etiquites in response as this is my first post onto ted. I'd like to say that I partially agree with your idea. The idea of multi level gun controls is a fairly proven system in canada, we have 3 types of licenses (very basically non-restricted being 18 inch or longer barrel, restricted being a 16 in barrel or pistol, and prohibited being fully automatic or "scary" guns. I say scary because many have been banned based on no other premise.) I like the system we have as far as classification with the exception of prohibs, just because a firearm is fully automatic or looks scary does not mean im going to use it as a weapon. It can be treated like any other firearm, it just goes faster. In relation to automobiles, if you put a responsible driver behind the wheel of a Ford Focus you will have the same safe results as putting that driver behind a Lambourghini. Now, take a second driver, new to the road, and put him in both those vehicles. In the lambo he is more likely to press the accelerator perhaps a touch harder than he should. This is where I agree with your suggestion of badges or license levels. Earn you right to play with bigger toys. Now, people will say a car is much different than a gun, however I ask you to think of this. Yes, a ford focus is like a semi automatic, its a touch slow, but works just fine. The lambo is much faster and more powerful, as an automatic assault rifle would be. However, in the hands of a non-responsible person, lets use intoxication in this example, both vehicles become deadly weapons. I would not recommend a new shooter to buy a 50 BMG rifle, but starting with a .22lr and working up to do an in person practical test/demonstration of skills to move to 9mm would be a great way to go. As far as a registration goes, canada has had a long gun registry that was implemented, and is actually being taken down.