Raquel Solares

Student - B.S. Biology, Arizona State University
Phoenix, AZ, United States

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Raquel Solares
Posted over 2 years ago
Leslie Morgan Steiner: Why domestic violence victims don't leave
It takes great courage to tell a story about a point in your life when you made the wrong decisions. This talk may be very influential to the many women, and men. Even though this is a women’s experience, there may be many men who have gone through something similar. I would like to hear a males experience and to know the different “stages” women abusers go through. Are they the same or similar? Can we really compare women abusers and male abusers or are they psychologically different? I am very grateful that Leslie shared her experience and I hope that it reaches people who are currently being abused. It is hard to get out of this type of situation, I know from first-hand experience. Even though we can provide people with information on abusive relationships we cannot remove them from the situation. Some people will choose to stay even when they know they are being abused and know that there is a way out. How do you help someone who doesn't want to be helped? Is it society’s responsibility to protect others who don’t want the protection?