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Marcelo Gza
Posted about 1 year ago
Who or what saved you in darkest of your hours? Your survival story will help us all.
Heres my answer: Am certainly still going through my darkness, am totally aware of that. However, am also aware that am walking through the path that would take me away from this. My "darknes" is a what it could be known as a coming out story, which I'll tell right after telling who helped me going through. My parents, and my ex are the people that have helped and hurt me the most. Also, my firends and a good therapist are the ones who helped me no matter what. Am a 21 years old mexian college student. I have being doubting myself since long time ago. I first told my best firend about the doubts of my sexuality. And then it went off. Talking about most of the mexican, Mexcian culture is not yet ready for acceptance to that kind of diversity. We are not yet ready for integration of disabled individuals, but our generatins are changing. Still, I told my sister first. Which took me to told my mother. And they both told to the others member of the family. This led to my family and personal struggle. I started to lowering grades, I lost my "boyfriend" and I start discriminating myself. I doubting myslef and all my short history. and one day I arrived to my parents and I told them that 1. If am asking for a listening ear I should put one, so am ready for listening their opinion. 2. I know that family is first, so here am I 3. Is a smart action to know when to lose, and I can take it any longer; I really need your help. They took me to this pshrink which decide to left a side my homosexuality and work on other issues as my dependence on people. He just want to help me found my self and not be defined by my homosexuality. :D There's hope. And i hope I can have a family too.