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Wilma Weichselbaum
Posted over 2 years ago
How do you interact with everything?
Hi Elizabeth, Your question appears to require a very complex answer, as "everything" is an enormous category. I think there is however, simplicity inherent in what you ask. It is the implementing of the answer that may be difficult. So, here it is: We are all filled with myriad thoughts and feelings. Some of us are particularly sensitive to all kinds of stimuli. Sensitivity can allow a person to be receptive to all kinds of subtleties in life. Such a person may be more sympathetic and empathetic to others. I'd say this is an excellent trait for a teacher to have. Along with the benefits there are the seeming drawbacks to being sensitive. One is hurt easily. One is very self-protective. One can feel that the world is not a friendly place. One can feel very different. Vulnerability is an uncomfortable state to be in. If you look at your sensitivity as a gift or as a talent, you may value it more. You know then, that you need to find the most beneficial way for you to live your life. To experience your feelings is human. Many people shut down their inner life. They may seem untroubled, and at ease, but that may just be on the surface. They may hurt people because they are insensitive. Would you like to be like that? We can never control the "everything" of life. Often, people respond to others out of their own insecurities. You should not think that everything from another person relates primarily to you. I know this is hard to accept. The first response is that we feel vulnerable. It is best to be who you really are. There are people who will value you and others who won't. As for all kinds of other things, well, you have to be "in the moment". You cannot know everything about everything ahead of when it occurs. There is no "escape" from others reactions, from events out of our control. Your feelings will help you to understand your life's experiences. You will become a wiser teacher and a stronger individual. And, trust your not-knowing - it has much to teach you.