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Katy Kern
Posted over 2 years ago
Do you think that age makes you a better writer or the writing of many stories makes you so?
It's probably a combination of both. Personally, I didn't start really writing until my late 30's. I dabbled in journals and such but my attention span when I was young was lacking, greatly. I started writing on a fluke because I had a story to tell - mine (two personal things happened within a few years of each other) and had a huge desire to get it out. So I wrote! Then I discovered I loved to write, albeit I was terrible. Over the last 5 years, and LOTS of writing later, I now can say I am a better writer. And reading other's helps me as well. I don't have time to read many books, but reading short stories and blog posts of some writers that I truly admire allows me to gain some knowledge about how powerful putting words in a certain order can be....now if I only I could be a better proofreader....haha One more point, which I got from a writer I truly admire, write out of your comfort zone. You may publish it and then think, "why the hell did I do that." It's scary being a writer and exposing your thoughts and feelings for the world to read. However, no one ever learns anything from being safe, do they? Who do you think is better at taking risks: young writers or more experienced ones?