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I majored in piano and now I'm a professor. I enjoy going to many recitals and listening to music. Playing a wonderful music makes people happy and it is one of the many ways to relieve the people with pain. I think music is the most wonderful therapy of any physical and mental diseases. I share my talent at church. I volunteer in the choir as an accompanist. Also, I'm a member of the YWCA, Young Women's Christian Association , at which I can help poor people. All these things reminded me of theimportance of 'consideration'.

An idea worth spreading

With nationalism widespread all over the world, I thought it would be important to remind people of the importance of harmony. To make the society harmonious, everyone sould have 'consideraion' in their mind. In other words, we have to be considerate of others. With this thinking, I searched for many people who gave charity to others and got impressed by their behaviors. I want to share these people's experience of consideration.

I'm passionate about

It's important to consider other people.consideration