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Harmony Hanson
Posted over 2 years ago
What are the challenges that gifted and creative individuals face at present?
As a parent of three children who have been placed in the category of "Gifted," I have found that resources in the public school system for nurturing gifted abilities are extremely lacking; resources for students with "special needs" unfortunately in most cases do not include resources for the gifted, only for students with disabilities. I believe it is important to meet the needs of students who struggle as well as students who have the potential to excel. They each have unique needs that differ from the average student. According to the neuropsychologist who completed our testing, gifted students who are not sufficiently intellectually stimulated and nurtured to reach their potential are at the highest risk of quitting school and engaging in destructive behaviors in attempts to meet these needs. This should be of great concern to our society considering the incredible potential that is lost due to neglect. We need more thriving brilliance in our world.