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Qianxi Xiao (Sean)

Mobile: 831-869-8195 xqx815@yahoo.cn (preferred)

DTP: Photoshop and Illustrator
CAT Tools: Trados Wordfast, memoQ, XTM, Worldserver and Lingotek
General Software: Word, PowerPoint and Excel
Subtitling Translator TED.com 2/2013-Present
Contract Translator Bank of China, Guangzhou 12/2012-1/2013
Dialogue Translator Huizhou Andian Culture Communication Co., LTD,
Guangzhou 3/2012-4/2012
Brochure Translator Lancang County-level government, Yunnan, China 3/2012-4/2012
Complaint Procedure Translator College of Graduates Students Sun Yat-sen
University, Guangzhou 12/2011-4/2012
SOP Translator Xinshi Translation Company, Guangzhou 11/2011-12/2011
Brochure Translator Easy-tech, Guangzhou 10/2011-11/2011
Brochure Translator Osay, Guangzhou 10/2011-11/2011
Interpreter Guizhou Foreign Language Teaching and Research Association, Guizhou, China 4/2011
Reviewer User Experience Management 2/2013-Present
Reviewer Guangzhou municipal government, Guangzhou 4/2012-5/2012

Localization Engineer Website Localization, Monterey, CA 3/2013
Localization Engineer Amazing Children’s Encyclopedia, Nanjing, China 2/2013
Master of Ceremonies Bijie University 6/2011, and Bijie Education Bureau, Bijie, China 4/2011
Financial Assistant Student Financial Assistant Agency Bijie University 9/2008-12/2008
English Instructor Intern, Bijie No.4 Middle School, China, 9/2010-11/2010 College of Resources and Environment Shandong University of Science and Technology, Qingdao, China 5/2010
Chinese Tutor, Chinese Bridge Association Shandong University of Science and
Technology 10/2009-12/2009
English Instructor, Jiajia English Training School, Lichuan, Hubei 7/2009-9/2009
Monterey Institute of International Studies, CA
MA Translation (Advanced Entry) 5/2013

Sun Yat-Sen University (SYSU), Guangzhou,
Master of Translation & Interpreting 6/2013
Bijie University (BJU), Bijie,
BA English Teaching 6/2011
Shandong University of Science and Technology, Qingdao,
Visiting Student (English) 6/2010
Speaker at TEDxMonterey 2013 4/2013
Head, Projects Department Graduate Student Union School of International Studies, SYSU, Guangzhou, China 9/2011-6/2012
Organized graduate groups for a chorus contest, job interviewing and the 6th Games of School of International Studies SYSU
Co-Director, Screenwriter and Actor 12/2010
Co-directed The Little Match Girl at 2010 Christmas party in BJU
Founder, the Tutor Service Center, Foreign Language Dept BJU 9/2008-7/2009 Selected and then trained students as qualified tutors
Organized several job fairs for English training schools
Monterey Institute Merit Scholarship 2012-2013
Activist for Campus Activity Honor School of International Studies SYSU 3/2012
Excellent Undergraduate Graduation Thesis Bijie University (A New Critical Reading of Emily in David Copperfield) 6/2011
Second Prize in the 10th SDUST English Speaking Contest 10/2009
Semester Scholarship Shandong University of Science and Technology 2009-2010
National Scholarship, 2007-2008, Top Grade Scholarship, 2008-2009, Guanghua Scholarship, 2009-2010, Bijie University


Chinese, English

Areas of Expertise

Tourism, Brochures, Advertisement, general, Subtitle translation , document , contract

An idea worth spreading

I was going to find a way to travel and at the same time, enjoy every single moment of it, not worrying about missing the airplane, the train or the bus, putting aside my computer and phone. I wanted to enjoy the whole journey---not just the destination.
I did find a way to do this. Walking! I walked from my room on Larkin Street, Monterey all the way down to Morro Bay in San Luis Obispo in ten days. I camped in state parks, behind a park bench, in a national forest and by the roadside. Sometimes I walked 28 miles a day and sometimes 3 miles a day.So next time you have a holiday or some time off, instead of hurrying and rushing, think about taking a walk, think about enjoying every single moment of your journey. And next time you are driving on the road and see people walking with a heavy load, give them thumbs up, for they may be someone sitting in this room today.

I'm passionate about

translating, interpreting, backpacking, swimming and running

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People don't know I'm good at

Taiji and some Chinese martial arts

My TED story

joined TED in February, 2013; spoke at TEDxMonterey in April, 2013

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