Alba González

Translator (EN - SP), Mozilla Hispano
Barcelona, Spain

About Alba

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I'm a violin player and a translator/proofreader.

This is my last year on the two different degrees I'm studying.

On the one hand, I'm about to finish my Translation and Interpreting studies (the languages I study and work with are English, Spanish, Galician, French and German).

I have always been so passionate about languages (I was born bilingual, having Spanish and Galician as mother tongues). Even my parents would notice, so they sent me to an English school when I was three years old.

Since then I have been trying to get better everyday: I started learning French, I chose German as the third language when I started my Translation and Interpreting studies, I started learning Catalan when I moved to Castellon de la Plana...

As a translator/localizer and proofreader, I have been working with the Mozilla Foundation (Mozilla Hispano community) since June 2012. Thanks to that, I was able to start using Amara and get used to new ways of translating.

On the other hand, there is my Bachelor of Music degree in Violin. I've been studying violin since I was seven years old.
Apart from my official studies in three different conservatories, I have also taken lessons with great violinists here in Spain, and I have been part of several orchestras.

Nowadays I work for the Col Legno orchestra, which is focused on the performance of Spanish music.

Areas of Expertise

Music, Literature, Grammar, Videogames, Videogame localization, History - Europe, Spelling, Gadgets

I'm passionate about

Music is the main thing in my life. I have had a violin by my side since I was a little child.
I adore languages and everything related to them.
I love videogames. Cinema.
Travelling. Laughing.

Talk to me about

Music. Rock. Metal. Classical. Blues.
Cinema. Videogames.
Languages. Grammar. Spelling.

People don't know I'm good at

I'm a really observant person. That makes it easy for me to analyse the things that happen around me.

My TED story

I have been watching TED talks on the internet for a couple of years now. I began doing it because one day I saw Benjamin Zander's "The transformative power of classical music". Also, I know some people that have taken part in TEDxGalicia.

Favorite talks