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Rochelle Hammonds
Posted over 2 years ago
Colin Stokes: How movies teach manhood
Hi Daniel, Do you think it is possible that this is something that women have also learned at a young age watching movies? If you think back to some Disney movies such as Aladdin and the Little Mermaid both leading ladies do not end up with the nice guy. In Aladdin she chooses the criminal that she is able to change into a good guy. In the Little Mermaid she desires a human something that should not be allowed. I think this is reinforced as we get older with movies and books. Have you read any teen novels lately? Most of the time there is a leading lady and two leading men. The nice easy going guy and the guy that is dangerous. In most of the novels the leading lady has an effect of the bad guy and they end up together, while the fun loving good guy becomes the best friend. This is what society is teaching girls as they grow up. I enjoyed your post it really got me thinking! How much is DNA based or learned behavior?