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Santo DiPietro
Posted over 2 years ago
How much do you know about First Nations Treaties and the Crown?
as someone who has had the honour of studying our Treaties at the feet of many Elders and Constitutional Experts i can say theres not much about Treaty that i dont know. they are nation to nation agreements that cant be broken, just like the treaty of Ghent or the Louisiana purchase, they are 100% binding, and our Mi'kmaq Treaty protocols come from a Prophecy, they are entrenched in the Charter of Rights and the Canadian Constitution, where it says that no legislation can trump Treaty. You cant talk about Mi'kmaq Treaties without talking about Title, as we Mi'kmaq still hold title to this land we live on, that means we are the owners, and now that we are educated in International Human Rights and Constitutional Law >we will take back what is ours, and the best thing is i think the canadian citizens are convinced that we alone can manage the Resources of this Country without turning it into a wasteland...