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Dino Harrell
Posted over 2 years ago
What can we do to change education?
“First, do no harm.” Right. Many physicians recognize that they’ve failed their first oath - they've become enablers, prescribing pills that mask symptoms so patients can continue their sedentary lives eating junk food - and dying from it. We're smarter and richer than ever before - and sicker than we've ever been. Educators should see their profession similarly - they teach to tests so students can be certified, all while masking over ever increasing ignorance. The problems are many, and fundamental. The notion that education should be separable from the things it teaches was foolish to begin with. It spawned classrooms, teachers, school construction bonds, property taxes, dropouts, ADHD, forced busing, new math, sex ed., evolution or creationism - and more. Education used to be about learning how to make your living in the world. Apprenticeships paired learning with doing, employers footed the bill, students earned a skill, pride and an income simultaneously. Today we teach, year after year. There is no income. Is it any wonder our kids tire of waiting for a payoff? We need to stop preaching that the measure of a person's worth is the level of education they have attained, or the income they earn. A skilled tradesman deserves our respect and admiration no less than any PhD, and much more than most. Nor does the person selling whole, organic, local foods, or someone who has proven themselves a good parent, neighbor or friend. Or others. We need to stop telling our children that unless they go to college they will fail at life. Consider those poor impressionable kids, who in believing this damnable lie transform it into a self fulfilling prophecy. If they believe they'll never have the chance to go to college, what should they do? Drop out? Turn against the society that screwed them? Is it any wonder our urban youth fail? Why do well educated people say and do such stupid things? It is ironic that modern education is the least intelligent thing we do.