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Pune, India

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I'm computer science student.

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I always believe idea is powerful thing.

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don't know yest. when i will know it, i will definitely update my profile on TED.

My TED story

Almost one year ago, i came to know about ted, through my friend. khan academy founder Salman Khans "reinventing the education" that was the first video i had watched and downloaded from ted.

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Gangadhar Lahane
Posted about 1 year ago
Is Indian democracy failing ?
The answer is "It is one of the biggest democracy in the world." our representatives are directly selected by the people of India (only mature people). But there is something going on at ground level. these political people are buying the votes. And after getting elected they don't pay attention towards the development of nation. this is the current situation. so my question is is there any way that "we youth of India can stop this, without losing our democracy". sry for my grammer