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Terry Hooper
Posted over 2 years ago
Solving gun violence in the US in today's insane political climate requires a solution that makes it painless for everyone.
G'day Rob, Firstly, the reduction of guns in the community doesn't have to be painless for everyone. Here in Australia, after the Port Arthur mass murder of 35 innocent people, the Australian Prime Minister took the bull by the horns and ordered all guns that aren't necesarry for various reasons, ie, a verified need for vermin control and or eradication on farms, licenced sport shooting, licenced security, licenced hunting, policing and military and so on, be surrendered to the authorities for destruction. It wasn't a popular pill, however the result is that people haven't got an unnecessary gun at hand when they lose their cool. He knew that it would be politically unpopular, as it was with me, but I didn't really have a need for the guns I owned, so I decided to hand them in. I don't miss them even though I really enjoyed a bit of target shooting now and then. I also don't think it was a breach of my rights since, if I have a desire to hunt, I can get the appropriate licence if I show I have the correct safety and hunting knowledge through completion of a course and by pasing a knowledge test conducted by the police. I can also join a sports shooting club through which I can do the appropriate safety sourse and once again, pass a knowledge test, again conducted by the police. I also must pass a police check that can disqualify me if I have a past history of violence, not necessarily by guns. I think where the USA is doomed to failure is exactly what you say is the major hurdle. The politicians will feel the need to keep everyone happy. The politicians are afraid of losing their power and income. The corruption of politics is too entrenched in the USA so it won't work. Sad really, because more innocent childen will surely die and nothing will be done then either. I wish I could be more optimistic but it doesn't seem possible to go down that path in the somewhat excessively pursued freedom of choice society in which you live. Good luck though.