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Rob Siegmund
Posted over 2 years ago
Solving gun violence in the US in today's insane political climate requires a solution that makes it painless for everyone.
If you are truly interested in reducing gun violence, why focus on the ancillary damages? Accidental shootings and mass killings while of course tragic, are a small fraction of the lives taken annually due to guns. I'm no statician but it appears to me the primary causes of gun induced fatalities are suicides and gang violence (fueled by drug trade). Even if all guns disappeared today, I can't imagine we'd impact the suicide rate much so let's focus on gangs. Legalize drugs. End of problem. That's a liberty minded response. A statist response would be instead to ban all guns and movies that glorified gun violence (let's go whole hog here). Again, end of problem. But while these steps would be effective in attaining our goal, they would also undermine a full fifth of our Bill of Rights and might not sit well with the locals either. So that's out. How then to actualize our initial fix? It's already happening with the recent change in state laws regarding pot, but it is as strong as ever with every other type of drug. Probably the best way we can be effective in legalizing drugs (other then winning a seat in Congress) is asking questions: why in a free country is there such a thing as contaband? Why are we shooting at people in order to save them? Why are we putting our police at risk to stop Johnnie from smoking crack? Who owns your body? Should you really be sent to prison for criminal abuse of your own physiology? Is it worth the cost in our freedoms, in lives and in hard cash to continue this war? How effective have we been since we started? Is it worth continuing? You may see this as a deviation from topic but this is really the belly of the beast regarding gun violence. Ending the war on drugs is by far, the most effective single action we can take to dramatically reduce the gun violence in America.