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Elliot Catchpole
Posted about 2 years ago
Should the USDA admit that its dietary guidelines are flawed.
Personally, I agree with much of what has been said so far - that too much of anything is harmful, and that moderation is key. A calorie is a calorie, regardless of the source - however, it is important to break down foods into macronutrients - i.e. carbohydrates, fats and proteins - as different macronutrients have different roles in the body. So eating equal calories of a pop tart as opposed to chicken and rice will obviously be different in terms of overall health as the macronutrients vary considerably. This is not a new idea but it seems to be the best way of summing it up. Also I would like to draw attention to the claims made by Dr Lustig in regards to fructose in particular - while I am in no way proposing that sugar in all its forms is healthy (it is all about moderation), I wanted to question the notion that fructose itself is unhealthy and evil. I read some posts from Alan Aragon which investigate Lustig's claims made in his documentary - overall it appears his reasoning and studies cited are flawed on many different levels (for example much of the research he draws from is based on rodents and is correlational). Lustig's claims appear to be alarmist and the evidence he uses not sound - you just have to read the discussion between him and Mr Aragon to see this. I fear inviting Dr. Lustig to speak (mainly on his views on fructose) may not be the most appropriate idea based on this. http://www.alanaragonblog.com/2010/01/29/the-bitter-truth-about-fructose-alarmism/