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Angelo Campanella
Posted over 2 years ago
What can governments do to end poverty in their countries? Is a solution possible under capitalism?
Connecting capitalism to poverty in any form is relatively meaningless. One could try to connect Keynsian theory to poverty, or communism to poverty, etc. They are independent phenomena. One might just as well try to connect religion to poverty - as a cause. The cause of poverty lies in the psyche of those afflicted. They have not been trained to shun poverty by intent, or are incapable of retaining precepts of self-reliance. Their home life while growing up will affect the otherwise-capable, who are the most amenable to correction. Some, however -typically the marginally mentally ill and the mentally ill will almost certainly become poor on reaching adulthood. The only correction method is and always will be is to make accommodations for them. Matthew 26:11 says that "the poor will always be with you". I see no reason to obsolete that thought. Any form of government will be faced with the same problem. Better to put forth out efforts to codify the efficient performance of the obligation so formed. Ideas anyone?