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Westminster, MA, United States

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Majoring in Energy Management. Strong believer in Self-Sufficient living which heavily relies on green energy to maintain. A believer in living "Off-The-Grid," if you will.

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Should one sustain themselves in a self-sufficent manner where as they grow their own food sources such as produce and livestock, or should they rely on the UN's Agenda 21 and it's intended population lifestyle control, growth control, and government dependency?

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Passionate about farming, green energy and self-sufficience

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what I mentioned as passions and my idea worth spreading.

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Evan Young
Posted over 1 year ago
Self-Sufficience v. Sustainable Cities
I for one would like to know the definition of "invalid happiness." The studies the TED Lover provided explain the essence of my point exactly. We don't "fix" humankind by making our energy greener and more environmentaly friendly but ONLY in small concentration cities. It needs to be wide spread. Otherwise, we will have a massive re-play of that studie done with monkeys near Japan. Take a population, spread it thin but not TOO thin and teach them how to harness energy in a greener fasion, and we will see a tremendous decrease in polution and crime. Why does it seem to me that a lot of the speakers in the videos shown here speak praises of green sustainable cities, yet leave the true stewards, the farmers, fall by the way side? Let us speak praises of those small farming communities out there who have harnessed green power. Experience, creative thinking, intelligence, all leading to instinct is what taught many of our ancesters how to collect seeds and plant them in a fasion which would yield fruit at an acceptable, if not optimal rate. We evolved and became better at it and on larger scales. BUT. like all things, there is a deffinitive line that draws the end to the good. On the other side of that line is where we "think" we are advancing because this luxurious hybrid gets THIS many miles to the gallon, or this phone has THIS many apps, so we must be evovling. There is such a thing as detrimental evolution, where as we advance ourselves far to much for the world we live in. And cities, green or otherwise, cultivate this maner of thinking... As humans, who happen to be the most intelligent creatures on earth, one would think that we would keep in tune with our roots and continue to find better and better ways to be self-sufficient by way of sustainment, like our ancestors, not co-dependent on governement and technology like our youth are today. The more we depend on external forces and not individual ingenuity to survive, the more devolved we will become.