Chanese Smith

Student at Illinois Institute of Technology
Chicago, IL, United States

About Chanese


I’m interested in taking on a leadership role in TEDx because it would help me in developing into the person I see myself becoming. I am always striving to be better and forever increasing my standards for myself. A leadership role with help me develop more of my social skills, teamwork skills, listening ability and enhance my perspective of the public demand. To have success in a leadership role will enhance my personal esteem and demonstrate to others my leadership prowess. The skills I will gain directly correlate my personal interests and profession as an attorney and will help me to become the polished individual I aspire to be.

I expect to gain more knowledge and insight into how to produce a live show, how to schedule and communicate effectively, how to bring minds together to innovate and think creatively and how to market and advertise events. This will be valuable experience in my personal life because I am active in hosting events and network on a daily basis.

I will be able to contribute the vast real world and academic knowledge I possess. I am a mature and professional young woman who is continually blossoming into a well rounded individual. Because of my life experience, I have unique perspectives and relevant contacts that I believe would be valuable to the TEDx team.

An idea worth spreading

I am a creative thinker and always open to new ideas. In fact, as an exercise, I routinely come up with ideas for books, startups and various other ventures simply because I allow my mind to be free and open to all possibilities.

I'm passionate about

Being the very best in my field and personal endeavors. With these standards, I expect to overachieve at whatever I put my mind to.

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Creative ideas