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Lisa is currently a Human Resources Manager in a luxury hotel and has over 7 years experience in HR management.
Lisa’s experience in recruiting plays a critical role to select valuable team members for TEDxSuzhou. With strong interpersonal and influencing skills, Lisa is the glue that holds a dynamic team together and makes the team members motivated in spite of demanding request from their full time job.
Lisa’s active participation in TEDx community brings valuable experience for TEDxSuzhou’s event organizing. She got part sponsorship to attend TEDWoman in San Francisco in 2013. She also attended TEDxShanghai and TEDxNajing in 2012, and TEDxXihu and TEDxTehran in 2013.


Chinese, English

TED Conference

TEDWomen 2013

Areas of Expertise

Human recourse , Hotelier

An idea worth spreading

If you can't se anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, look a little closer, stare a little longer, because there's something inside you that make you keep trying despite everyone who told you to quit--Shane Koycza

I'm passionate about

Traveling, Cultural diversity, Charity, Community developing


soochow university

Talk to me about

Being Global learner, Being humble people. Learning from everyone who I can learn from them.

My TED story

I am taking part into TEDxSuzhou which is Non-Profit Organization in local community. As one of voluntary in this team that we have held "Remodeling Education Through Technology"2012; "TEDxCity 2.0 Suzhou" 2012, "Big Coumminity" 2013. I really enjoy this collision environment has various industries ideas and cultures.

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Lisa Qin
Posted 9 months ago
How would you describe China's startup culture & its social entrepreneurship landscape?
Even 3 years ago, non of Chinese people knows Social entrepreneur, nowdays, it's quite different. I will suggest you watch a TV show which had interview with some of chinese social entrepreneur:(http://video.sina.com.cn/v/b/111369582-1798570034.html) Dialogue in the Dark in China; InterCultural Education, Shokay, fair trade.... there is more and more Social Entrepreneur are coming to China.... it's quite positive singal