Samer Ahmed

Co-Founder, Odipo Dev
Nairobi, Kenya

About Samer


Co-founder of Odipo Dev. Mechatronics Major at JKUAT. Writer, Creative, Analyst.


Arabic, English, Swahili

Areas of Expertise

Graphic & Interactive Design, Data Science, Big Data Analytics, Web & Design, Data Visualization, Art, Market & Brand Strategy, market research, Mechatronic Engineering

An idea worth spreading

If equipped with enough data about key aspects of society, like health, a group of data analysts and planners can be able to literally save the world.This is why I'm so passionate about data, especially in Africa where there is so little of it. And when data exists, it is found to be either outdated, or irrelevant. This we must change. We need to produce actionable data for a better world.

I'm passionate about

Change. Data. Spreading Cheer.

Talk to me about

Data and new inventions that could change the world.

People don't know I'm good at

Forgery, Criminal Investigation, Parkour, Football(Soccer).

My TED story

The first time I found out about TED was when I came across a talk by accident on my social media feed. I had been toying around with the idea of starting a magazine to inspire the youth in the country to change their lazy habits for a better Kenya. The talk really inspired me, and I set out with the aim of becoming a TED Fellow so I could host such a talk in the country. To my surprise, there were already several held in the country. And even more surprising was that I didn't need to become a Fellow to host one. This eventually led to the hosting of the TEDxYouth@Kilimani by my partner(Madung) and I.