Ernest Jiang

Tianjin City, China

About Ernest


Still a student in Tianjin University, China.Though major in MechE, I've done a lot to take part in the social activities during the years in TJU. I'm a volunteer in our expedition team for Supporting Education in Chinese rural area, an interpreter in our University History Museum, and most importantly, the curator of TEDxTianjinUniversity.

An idea worth spreading

To see the facts."seek truth from facts" is the motto of TJU, and I love it.sometimes we always see the imaginary images such as "we are capable of doing this,so don't bother to do it again" or "it's nothing a big deal", "it may act in this way",However, learning to see the facts needs special courage to face the pratical difficulty we meet.This is exactly what I learned from organize a TED event.

I'm passionate about

all the things I love.TED,swimming, guitar, basketball,technology,etc.