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Patna, India

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mind is what we are. it gives us reality(whatever that is) and virtuality it shows us world (that is true or matrix) some time rational , irration al , fooll , inteiligent , stUPid and some time beyond understanding but always helping itself(or me self) preserving in round skull is this brain is real or it sci fiction its incredible to use it explore and learn.

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science , languages , technology . art-painting

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science, life . love . reality , learning

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painting, imagination , advising

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what is this story? someone help me or i'll figure it out

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Rewati Raman
Posted almost 2 years ago
If you could correct one mistake you made in life, which would it be?
difficult question I know that I have done so many mistakes and I can't fix them in one chance . If I would be given a chance to rewrite my past and erase my one mistake " i should not be depressed that time . I should have think rational not emotional" because almost every mistake i have done due to being emotional I tried and trying to abandon but always all my logical decision (which are always right) lose the toss from my heart (don't know enough about it) that is the point where I do mistake or it happens so final ans is no emotion