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Ben Emmett
Posted over 2 years ago
Is God energy?
John, very insightful. Thanks for giving me something to think about. Xavier, I have to disagree with your conclusion. First of all, understand that I do awknowledge errors in the Bible. It's made of very old writings that have been transcribed and translated so many time that there are bound to be errors. However, I do firmly believe that when each book within the Bible was written, it was done so by inspired men and was the word of God. Only over time have errors crept in. I don't agree with your conclusion about the Bible however because it assumes that we know as much as God does about light. He created light, and we can't even determine what it is (wave or particle?), so we don't even come close to His understanding. Perhaps there is a way which is beyond our understanding to create light without a source, or perhaps God himself was the source. I don't profess to know the answer but I maybe someday you and I both will. Until then, let's not underestimate how little we actually know and how much we still have to discover.