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kalyani prakasam
Posted over 2 years ago
I wish for women pharmacists across India to be potential players in health care.
Indian women in particular are sincere and commited to the job given.They are intelligent,but definitly lack, a great interest in how to be proactive and open up various channels of oppurtunities avaible in the field of pharmacy.They lack encouragement,counselling about how they could be sucessful pharmacist in a novel way.At present the existing system is to settle down as pure academecians ,concerned with a defenite set of syllabus.They are very much confined to the 4 four walls of the classs rooms.Very very few enter Industry.Most of them reconcile to the fate of joining Pharmacy course,give up career in the middle or retire as teachers. Not much active interest is evinced in the field of research. I feel Women are cut out for many many different assignments in Pharmacy Profession.They lag far far behind.